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The Dragonfly is at the very core of Anapsara’s universe. Strong yet sensible, poised and poignant, the jewels in this collection radiate a sense of vitality and elegance mirroring the dragonfly’s fascinating and multi-faceted essence. A magical encounter between the dynamism of form and the emotion of color, the ease of their shape is only paralleled by the effortless complexity of each hand-crafted detail. The essence of metamorphosis.

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1926 Collection

Delicate diamond and gold dragonflies rest gently on the refined easy-to-wear design of the earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings from the 1926 Dragonfly collection. The intense liveliness of these jewels’ colorful enamels radiate the confidence and personality of a gentle soul. A touch of the Art Deco period has its presence here. The striking sophistication of simplicity.

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Temptation represents the birth of Anapsara by evoking the metamorphosis of the dragonfly. The sinuous and slender shapes of the jewels from the collection meet the decisive design of geometric shapes in an harmonious symphony. The modern and the contemporary interlace in an eclectic combination of diamonds, onyx, coral, precious and semi-precious stones. If you can’t resist it, wear it.

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