About us


Anapsara was created on the white shores of the island of Ibiza. Its name is inspired by the Sanskrit word “apsara” which means “she who moves through the water”.

Because of its powerful symbolic meaning and captivating glamour, the dragonfly was immediately chosen as the core inspiration source and logo of the brand.

The dragonfly is always the main character of the Anapsara world.

The dragonfly is a symbol of evolution and transformation, representing resilience and positive change, it finds its strenght in intellectual and emotional maturity which brings inner balance and understanding of the deepest meaning of life.

Eugenia Shekhtman

Eugenia Shekhtman decided to create Anapsara after a long-lasting twenty years’ career in the fashion world as a the result of her personal and spiritual growth.

Born in Ukraine, Eugenia grew up in New York and later moved to Italy where she opened her own showroom dedicated to showcasing young and innovative designers.

She has always been focused on high-end fashion and is now sharing her time between Milan and Antwerp, where -together with her husband - she owns "Verso", a well-known concept store.

The Anapsara universe is in constant change

The collection is characterized by essential and stylized lines featuring sacred geometrical shapes such as triangles, rhombuses and octagons. A touch of the Art Deco period has its presence, adding flare and spark to the feminine undertone of the Anapsara collection.

"In my opinion, jewels are fundamental elements of fashion. They represent the final touch making every look complete." Eugenia Shekhtman states.

Today, Eugenia has selected a unique team for her project, mirroring her spiritual faith and belief in the transformative power of universal energy. Anapsara is produced in Italy, Valenza. All jewels are made in yellow, white and rose 18K gold, combined with diamonds and semi-precious stones.